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About Us


Welcome to Fred's Catnip Farm

We're a family-run small business based in Cheshire UK, having taken over from the previous owners in Ireland (and their cat Fred).

As you may have guessed, we're all about catnip!


Our journey began when we rescued our beloved cat Wispa and committed to giving her the best life possible.  We spent a long time trialling different products but struggled to find a suitable selection - items that weren't full of harmful chemicals or encased in cheap plastic. We also discovered that Wispa is obsessed with catnip! It stimulates her to exercise more and it really relaxes her.

Goodbye nervous rescue and hello Cheshire Cat!

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Fred's Catnip Farm Team

Andrew, Laura & Wispa, Brandon

Fred's Catnip Farm has provided us the perfect opportunity to source and deliver truly quality cat products that are also eco-friendly.

You'll see no fluorescent plastic here, only premium organic catnip!

We are determined to provide the luxury care that your precious felines deserve, all whilst looking after our one and only natural planet.

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