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Crazy for catnip - why Fred's?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

If you're looking for extra strong catnip, look no further than Fred's Catnip Farm!

Whether it's loose catnip, catnip toys or even catnip tea, there are many ways to entertain and relax your kitty with Fred's Catnip.

If you're wondering, 'what is catnip?', it's simply a plant (called Nepeta Cataria) from the mint family.

Does catnip really make cats 'high'? Not quite - the smell excites cats and encourages them to play, leaving them feeling lovely and relaxed after.

Is catnip safe? Absolutely; it's non-addictive and harmless to cats.

Fred's Catnip Farm prides itself on its premium quality of catnip that is organically sourced from France - nothing less for our precious fur babies!

As Fred's Catnip is delicately processed by hand, it maximizes the potency.

How? Rather than being crushed into 'saw dust catnip' like many supermarkets sell, Fred's Catnip retains a high ratio of natural, green plant leaves and flower bells, which are bursting with the strong, catnip aroma that kitties adore.

More specifically, it's the minty essential oil (called Nepetalactone) in the catnip plant's flower bells, which smell so irresistible to cats. The more of the bells preserved, the stronger the aroma.

Let's not forget that Fred's Catnip is certified organic too!

Organic farming excludes the use of synthetic substances like nasty pesticides and fertilizers, which ensures that its produce is non-toxic and fresh.

Fred's Catnip is therefore safe for cats to nibble - and even has digestive health benefits.

Did you know, manufactured chemical pesticides and fertilizers come from burning fossil fuels?

By purrrchasing organic products like Fred's Catnip, you're also promoting the reduction of environmental pollution!

To find out more about Fred's Catnip Farm and check out its latest product range, visit

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