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Christmas Artisan Market

Fred's Catnip Farm featured at the 2023 Wilmslow Christmas Artisan Market, showcasing its variety of sustainable catnip toys for cats, as a brand new (and their first kitty-only) stall holder.

Fred's Catnip is organic and extra strong, having been grown in the sunny French countryside as a tasty treat for your precious fur babies. It's incredibly difficult to top the natural potency of Fred's Catnip; the real catnip experts are at Fred's!

Catnip, from the mint plant family, naturally excites over 80% of cats into a whirlwind of play and relaxation.

They simply find the smell irresistible; the more they toss, kick and chew the catnip toy, the more scent is released from the catnip's flower buds that contain the earthy, tea-like smell that cats naturally adore.

After playing, many cats find the experience cathartic and can be seen enjoying a blissful cat nap.

Fred's Catnip Farm is a small business run by new owners in the UK, but its success means that it's loved by many cats all over the globe, including European countries such as Ireland, France and Belgium.

Fred's Catnip provides a quality, strong product that is organically beneficial to felines - and cats definitely agree! The business is also eco-friendly, from its sourcing to its recycled and reusable packaging.

The Catnip Toy range includes Catnip Sacks and knitted items such as refillable Knitted Pouches and Fish, filled to the brim with Fred's organic Catnip.

Fred's seasonal specials this year were gorgeous knitted Santa Hats and Stockings, as well as cute printed Christmas Character and Festive Stamped Catnip Sacks.

Fred's Catnip Farm is proud to be in partnership with Women Empowerment Organisation 'Kenana Knitters', who hand-craft Fred's beautiful knitted toys. The organisation ethically empowers women through fair wages and accessible work to talented ladies in rural Kenya.

Alongside Catnip Toys, Fred's Catnip Farm offers its very own Loose Catnip for scattering and refilling, as well as Catnip Tea Bags - yes, cats now drink a hydrating Catnip Tea!

All items are available on the website , with exciting additions appearing over the new year.

Fred's Catnip Farm says a massive Thank You for all the sup-paw-t and wishes everyone a meow-vellous, Happy New Year!


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