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Fred's Catnip Farm at Sustainability Show!

At the recent Manchester Sustainability Show, Fred's Catnip Farm showcased its range of catnip toys and loose catnip and made this sustainability pledge:

1. To only use sustainable materials such as recycled paper for packaging, organic cotton for toys and to source materials from suppliers that prioritise environmental responsibility and sustainability.

2. To only use organic catnipthat is certified, non-toxic and naturally biodegradable. Once the herb’s life span has ended, it can be broken down by natural processes in the environment.

3. To reduce waste throughout the product life cycle, from design to disposal. A direct-to-consumer approach also cuts unnecessary transport costs from involving retailers.

4. To promote responsible sourcingusing suppliers that certifiably meet sustainability criteria, such as responsible forestry practices.

5. To educate their customers about the environmental impact of their products and how to use them in a sustainable way.


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